Alltrue Fall 2021: Unboxing and Review

Hello guys!

Welp, it’s another day and another delivery of my seasonal Subscription Box, Alltrue (formerly known as “Causebox”). I know I totally skipped posting about my Alltrue Summer 2021 box and I’m really sorry about that.

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Sunset Hike


I know I haven’t posted in a while, so here is a little post for today. The Hubs had a day off from work, and when that happens we try to fit in some Family Time with each other. My kids have been on Fall Break from school, so we definitely wanted to squeeze in some outdoorsy activities for them. Last night, our outdoor excursion happened to take place hiking though the beautiful hills of Torrey Pines.

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Summer, Please Don’t Go!


Summer is almost ending for us. I just realized my kids go back to school full-time in four days!! Eeshk! I am so not prepared! After having more than a year long of “Covid Lockdown Vacation” we are very rusty when it comes to planning the new school year out. My youngest will be going back to in-person learning full time, while my eldest, who actually flourished academically throughout his lockdown education, will continue on with Hybrid Learning (2 1/2 days on campus, 2 1/2 days at home). It was a compromise because I am so ready for my kids to get out of the house and have a normal school routine again, but I also want to consider the needs of my child.

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The “Amazon Dress” Review

Hey Lovelies!

Are any of you out there avid Amazon shoppers? It’s pretty much a given that since Amazon has everything under the sun that you could possibly shop for that there is a good chance you have bought at least one item from there. For me, Amazon is probably the #1 online site that I most frequently pore over and buy from–Wait…come to think of it, it may be a tie between Amazon and Etsy as one of the most frequented shopping sites I regularly peruse. But anyway, you get the point.

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The Collector


Do any of you have a “collecting” hobby? For as long as I can remember, I had a thing for collecting stuff. It started with stickers. Man, I loved stickers as a kid! I had this acrylic Sanrio bear box that I would keep all my stickers in. Then, (back when Snail Mail was a considerable means for communication) I would regularly write letters and trade stickers back and forth with my cousin and sister. We did this for years, I remember, and it’s become such a fond childhood memory for me!

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Winter Road Trip Pt. 2: Glenwood Springs WY, Bryce Canyon, UT, Valley of Fire/Las Vegas, NV

Hi Y’all! Here’s the 2nd part of our Winter road trip. In this post, we have approached the loop back towards home with an overnight stop in Glenwood Springs, WY, a two-day stay in Bryce Canyon, UT, and a visit to Valley of Fire and Las Vegas, NV before heading home to SoCal.

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