Winter Road Trip Pt. 2: Glenwood Springs WY, Bryce Canyon, UT, Valley of Fire/Las Vegas, NV

Hi Y’all! Here’s the 2nd part of our Winter road trip. In this post, we have approached the loop back towards home with an overnight stop in Glenwood Springs, WY, a two-day stay in Bryce Canyon, UT, and a visit to Valley of Fire and Las Vegas, NV before heading home to SoCal.

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Winter Road Trip Pt. 1: Kanab, UT/Rock Springs, WY/Keystone, SD

In my family, our times traveling or on vacation are usually spent in the summer/warm months. I’ve always wanted to do a “cold weather” vacation, so this time around we planned it just so. The hubs and I did a little research on what could be a nice winter road trip and decided on driving from home and all the way up to South Dakota—Keystone, specifically—to see Mt. Rushmore.

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These Are a Few of Z’s Favorite Things…

Holiday Greetings, everyone! Can you believe there are only 5 more days until Christmas?! This month has absolutely flashed by for me! And I’m not going to lie. With all the things that have happened throughout this crazy, crazy year, it’s been quite the challenge getting into the festive holiday mood. BUT! Even though our holiday situation this year will be a little different, Jesus is still and forever will be the focus of Christmas for me, so I’ve vowed to be more grateful, more thankful, more joyful, more everything!

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All The Fall Feels

Autumn has arrived! And regardless of the fact that it’s like, 95 degrees here in SoCal, I feel I can still revel in my most favorite season of the year. I just love fall and all the “feels” it brings with it–the golden light of late afternoons….shorter days and longer nights…the changing of the leaves from green to yellow, red, brown, and orange…the crisp nip in the air signaling cooler weather ahead (helloooo, Cali?!? Get with the program! I’m baking like a toasted cheezer it’s so HOT here!!)<—Props if you know where that line comes from!

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Remembering My Father-In-Law

On September 23, 2020 my father-in-law, Eduardo, passed away. It was a really rough day. It’s been a really rough week. It’s been a really, really rough month. As I sit writing this post, it’s a little strange because I have so many things—so many good things I would like to say and express about my father-in-law, but for some reason I’m struggling a little bit trying to put it all into meaningful words. Maybe because the shock and suddenness of it all is still fresh in my mind. I haven’t quite succumbed to the fact that he is really gone from this earth…Nonetheless, I’ll try my best to express what I’m feeling in my mind and in my heart at this time…

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I Live!


After a very long hiatus, I’ve decided to put life into this blog again. My reasons are because I’ve just been missing blogging in general, and I’ve been feeling the need to document all that’s been going on ever since COVID entered our lives. This is such a strange time to be living in, and it’s undoubtedly affected everything and everyone around me.

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